BoardMaps or OnBoard Management Software: What Is More Effective?

Board management software is an upgraded version of traditional physical meeting rooms. BoardMaps and OnBoard offer their clients information security and improved meeting management. In addition, these platforms are quite affordable for the board of directors. All of this and more has contributed to the growing popularity and use of these board portal software systems.

The BoardMaps Portal Review

The BoardMaps program is a secure system for automating the process of preparing and holding meetings and executing decisions of Boards of Directors, Committees, Management Boards, and other collegiate bodies. The service supports full-fledged work with questions, meetings, assignments, and materials on the iPad and via the Web on Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

What matters here is that on the iPad, it is also possible to work offline without access to the Internet. The software makes it possible to hold in-person and online meetings of collegiate bodies, as well as legally significant voting using an electronic signature from mobile gadgets based on Apple iOS and via the Web.

The System Peculiarities

The platform can be used by large business structures, representatives of medium and small businesses, public authorities. At the heart of the platform product is the idea of “questioning”. The issue is the key entity around which the work of the collegial body is organized, and the issue circulation is a technology that provides support for the entire life cycle of the issue: from its inception to decision-making and execution of instructions.

The program software is confidently continuing its international expansion. So, the enterprise’s success is due not only to the fact that it created an innovative technology but also to the fact that this technology turned out to be relevant and in demand in the field of management. It’s necessary to mention that the software package uses a unique algorithm for working with information sources, converting disparate data into accessible information.

The OnBoard Portal Review

The OnBoard online software is transforming the complex and laborious operations of board appointments. Working with this intelligent portal, businessmen are able to concentrate on the most important thing, that is, the realization of their vision of the organization.

The portal allows managers to simplify the process of making business decisions. With this system, businessmen can create a record system for directors, supervisors, and administrators with intuitive information and analytics on any gadget. The board management software strives for providing a complete unified and secure communication to its customers.

The Platform Features

The system interface was well designed. Therefore, the focus is on essential upcoming meetings and handbooks. It provides its clients with an easily downloadable copy of the packet and meeting agenda. To cut a long story short, the customer can make use of the following options:

  • the voting process becomes easier;
  • board meetings become more successful;
  • archives are easily accessible now;
  • access to books on boards becomes user-friendly.

The platform is renowned for its active geo-replication, security, full disaster recovery, and compliance with several international information security standards. Besides, the customer support team works perfectly. The system clients are always free to receive a quick answer through phone or e-mail.